Shed Moving

  • Have you sold your old house but want to take your shed with you to your new house?
  • Have you decided that your shed would look or function better in a different location within your yard? 
  • Have you decided to buy a used shed from somebody and you need it moved from their location to yours?
  • Have you decided to sell or give your shed to somebody but have no way of transporting it to them?

If you are thinking about or are currently in the middle of any one of these scenarios, call us.  We can help you.

We have the proper equipment and know-how to safely and skillfully move your shed.  John and Bob will personally inspect the structure and location sites to insure that the shed can be safely moved.  Once that is determined, we will schedule a convenient time to perform the work.

Call us at 401.228.3995 for more information on how we can help you safely and securely move your shed to its proper location.